Snowfall Derby 2011 – The Snowman

by Mark on April 6, 2011

It is April and the sun is out. The only snow is the dirty mountains at parking lots after months of shoveling. There may be a flurry in the days ahead, but the 2011 Snowfall Derby is officially over.

The season after El Nino was rough. Our snow climbed 40 inches more than 2010. The memories are sweet. There was the time I pulled grandson, Jaymeson, in a circle around our yard, like a sled dog. The two-year old pleaded, “More,” and I abided. There was his second birthday party in March with all the Toy Story 3 decorations and warm friends and family as a snowstorm swirled.

Syracuse won the 2011 Snowfall Derby with 178.6.” They preferred an NCAA Basketball Championship, but that melted well before the snow. Rochester was second with 127.” Buffalo came in third with 111.”

The backyard is soft and brown after four months of snow cover. I found the scarf, eyes, nose, and smile of Jaymeson’s snowman. It is a wonderful, but sad trophy of winter. Jaymeson is moving six hours south. I am so proud his Dad received a great promotion that is sending him and the family to their New Jersey headquarters in a few weeks. I remember Kathy and my families supported us when we moved from the Midwest to the shadow of the North Pole. I am both supportive and sad.

We created the snowman on a sunny, but very cold day. Noses and scarves now come in kits. It was so cold the snow would not pack, so we used a large empty flower pot to pack it. Jaymeson insisted on wearing grandpa’s hat. He approached the snowman at first with some fear, but after smashing the nose into the frozen head, my grandson laughed, giggled, and helped pack his new friend with snow. What joy!

It is quiet now with those memories. Mom always coached me to make each day the best. Carpe diem! I will, but will need to try harder without my little buddy. I wonder how much snow there is in New Jersey.

This year’s Snowfall Derby ends with warm memories, a few tears, and hope. Between now and the preseason of Snowfall 2012, I hope each of your days is sunny.

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