My Little Snowman

by Mark on January 24, 2011

Jaymeson Palmer Weber turns 2 on March 7th. Talk about a snow baby, my grandson was born in the winter and his first twenty-three months are in an arctic environment. Thank goodness Jaymeson loves the snow.

Jaymeson is enthusiastic about so many things. A roaring train mesmerizes him. As school buses come and go in the neighborhood, you hear him scream, ‘Bus . . . bus,” while clamoring to the window. Jaymeson keeps grandpa hopping. With the yell of, “Run!” we lap around the inside of the house. He never tires.

Playing in the snow begins with putting on all of his snow clothes. The crown is a ‘Buzz Lightyear’ hat that covers head, ears, and neck with a strap beneath the chin. Jaymeson insists on leaving it on, inside, until his cheeks puff red. Outside he is bundled like an Eskimo. He rides in the sled and I am his trusted husky pulling him in a circle around the back yard. Jaymeson yells, “Run!” and the husky hustles. It seems like we complete the Alaskan Iditarod by the time Grammy saves the day, bringing Jaymeson in for a snack and nap.

Many gauge children by how soon they walk; how many words they know; or how fast they are potty trained. All are very important. I am amazed at Jaymeson’s enthusiasm and joy with so many simple things. Let’s hope my little snowman’s joy blends with all the other important traits. I pray it becomes a core characteristic where he continues for decades to enjoy each of life’s moments on both warm and cold days.

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