Snowfall Derby 2011 – Icicles

by Mark on January 18, 2011

Clear glass spears of jagged teeth
Across the roof drip down beneath

A little prose by Geoffrey Schmidt describes one of the wonders and challenges of living in snow land. Each icicle is a unique prism, projecting colors when the sun peeks through a winter day. Each icicle is a potential weapon bombarding from above.

When it snows an inch or more per day, snow tends to accumulate on the roof. You hear about some goofballs attempting to shovel their roofs only to discover why ice rinks are not built on slopes. These martyrs are likely heroes just trying to save their loved ones from impalement.

Hot air rises in our homes, heating the roofs. Some snow melts, but the water freezes as it hits the eaves. The frozen eaves overflow and icicles form. One drop at a time, they form like stalactites on steroids. Yes, they are beautiful, but problematic.

In addition to the danger of sharp falling objects, the growing weight can damage or bring down the eaves. Even the falling icicles that miss your head play some havoc. They partially melt into frozen rumble strips on walkways. One of my greatest fears is falling backwards on the ice with the final image of a giant icicle hurtling toward me.

So much for over-drama! Rochester is still battling in the snow derby, at least for second place. Syracuse is at 104.7.” That kind of height is also helping the SU Basketball team, who only has one loss. Rochester comes in at 67.9,” 50% above normal. Buffalo is 52.2.”

I found myself, leaning out a second floor window, knocking down icicles with a broom handle. They pierce the snow-covered yards, like lawn darts. Hey! Maybe there is a new snow land game – Icicle Darts!

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