Sax For Christmas

by Mark on December 12, 2010

Many of us regret a decision made in the past. Sometimes it only takes the magic of Christmas to transform a regret into an exciting new life.

One Christmas a few decades ago my wife, Kathy, received a beautiful Selmer saxophone for Christmas. She became a good musician, playing in elementary and high school bands. At some point after entering college, music was behind her, and she sold the saxophone. Not immediately, but years later, Kathy regretted the decision and longed to hold that golden Selmer again.

In 2001 son, Kevin, was marching in a college band. The ‘if-only’ regrets amplified. Our best friend, Sandi, and I decided to take action. We pooled are funds and began seeking a reasonably priced sax for Christmas. I found one on eBay. It arrived; was lovingly wrapped; and placed under the tree with great anticipation.

Christmas morning brought excitement and joyful tears. Kathy held a treasure she had dreamed about for decades. We demanded a recital. She obliged, but the sound was sorrow. Had she lost it? It turns out my eBay deal was a Chinese-made horn that looked great, but was incapable of making music. Maybe jazz is one industry Asia will not take over.

Kath rented a sax and joined New Horizons, a band for new musicians and those that want to get back into music. Her talent returned. She loved it. Now, Kathy is in four bands, including a funky local jazz group. In 2011 she becomes president of the New Horizons International, an organization that supports over 160 bands of beginners and returning musicians around the world. Each Saturday she takes grandson, Jaymeson, to MusicTIME, an Eastman School of Music program for toddlers. Perhaps there is a future sax in his stocking.

Twice in her lifetime, Kathy received two saxophones for Christmas. One was a memory. The one that didn’t work became the seed of new challenges and joys that changed her life. The magic of Christmas is sometimes a sweet melody.

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