Snowfall Derby 2011 – Blizzard of Profanity

by Mark on December 8, 2010

Damn, Rochester was just named #4 in the U.S. for foul-mouth cities. How in the hell did that happen?

A survey by Business Insider put this city behind Ashburn Va., Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh when it comes to profanity from its citizens. Who in the #$&% ever heard of Ashburn?

According to the Cuss Control Academy in Lake Forrest, Illinois, (can you imagine their alma mater?), profanity negatively impacts our character:

• Makes you unpleasant to be with
• Endangers your relationships
• Reduces the respect people have for you
• Discloses a lack of character
• Shows you don’t have control
• Sets a bad example
• Has lost its effectiveness
• Lacks imagination
• Contributes to the decline of civility
• Represents the dumbing down of America
• Offends more people than you think
• Is abrasive, lazy language

On the other hand in today’s Rochester Democrat and Chronicle profanity may help us. According to Greg Carlson, professor of linguistics, brain and cognitive sciences and philosophy at the University of Rochester, “It’s been shown that people who swear, at least to themselves, get over things easier than those who don’t do it.” With a #$&% professor title like that, who is going to debate him.

Why Rochester? As I go out to purchase #$&% snow tires; pay some #$&% plow my driveway; or freeze my #$&% scraping ice off my windshield, I cannot think why our community cusses so much.

By the way, Rochester is now leading the Snowfall Derby with 23.6” in six days! Syracuse is breathing down our necks with 22.4.” And Buffalo – who just a few days ago were three times as snowy – is now in third place with 18.4.” Take that and shovel it, Buffalo. Forecasters expect four more days of this storm. We will be #$&% three feet deep by mid-December.

Despite #1 in the Snowfall Derby, and #4 in profanity, I still believe Rochester, NY is a hell of a place to live.

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JL December 9, 2010 at 12:59 am

Pushing 80* in the desert today Mark and I wonder why a/c units in cars go out so quick!! I had mine running today from 10am throughout the day in December!


Lynn Maxim December 17, 2010 at 8:04 am

You forgot to talk about the lack of sunshine in Rochester! We are likely always on the top in that category!!!!!! It is 8:03 in the morning, but looks like about 6:00 p.m……………..

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