Snowfall Derby 2011 – First Snow

by Mark on December 3, 2010

There are a dozen cars in ditches with vehicles sliding and swerving all over the highway. You’d think a population that lives in a 100” annual snow area could easily adjust to the first snow! I promptly fall on my butt outside the class building. So much for winter pontification.

265 days transpired since our last snow. Talk about global warming! On this first day of shoveling, salting, and painful behinds, 3.4” fell on Rochester, three-times last year’s snowfall derby winner – Syracuse. Buffalo blew by us with 9.2.” It is a dangerous situation to the west with cars and trucks stranded on the NY Thruway for twenty hours.

Snow is beautiful and dangerous, just like the women in my life. Here are some tips to remain safe in a winter storm:

Give yourself more travel time. Drivers underestimate the slow speeds on snowy roadways. When late for a meeting or event, pushing the pedal will scratch the metal;

Allow more stopping distance. Even ‘cleared’ asphalt is deceiving with potential black ice. Double the amount of space between you and the car in-front;

Long & strong windshield brush. There are enough problems with credit cards without trying to chip through 1/8th” of ice. Get a long robust scraper with a sharp blade;

Don’t pump anti-lock braking systems. When sliding in a vehicle with antilock or ABS braking systems, don’t pump the brake pedal. It will diminish or eliminate your braking power. See your owner’s manual;

Emergency Kit. Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. It should include: a working flashlight, flares, blankets, energy bars, and a collapsible shovel. Too cautious!?! Ask the drivers, who spent a night on the NY Thruway how cold it gets at 3AM without warmth or food?

Full Gas Tank. Low temperatures are too dangerous to be stranded without gas and it is hard to call for help with a dead phone.

Looks like the 2011 Snowfall Derby will be competitive and interesting. Like any sport, we want the participants to survive. So sharpen those snowshoes and play safe.

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Dave December 4, 2010 at 8:32 am

Forget about the snow, gives us your safety tips regarding the beautiful and dangerous women in our lives!

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