Thanks For Now

by Mark on November 21, 2010

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.” The concept is so easy to grasp, but very difficult to achieve. As the holiday season approaches, I give thanks for today.

During the last year my urgent chase for the future ran out of fuel. A number of experiences pulled me toward today. My sister lost her seventeen year-old son. In a fog of sorrow her family’s only choice is to push forward one day at a time. Those of us, not wearing such a sad millstone, must appreciate our loved ones this moment, not tomorrow.

My grandson, Jaymeson, brings joy to my soul. It is easy to slip into day dreams about his future. Today he wants to play. This moment he will learn. Each hour is special.

Moving from business to teaching college has been a joy. In business we lived or died on a quarterly basis. In the classroom each hour presents excitement and learning on both sides of the lectern.

Family and friends face ever-changing opportunities and challenges. Their needs are important, now, not next Saturday or when time permits.

There is so much more to learn about living in today. Life has not necessarily slowed down, but each minute is becoming more precious. While holding hands with loved ones at holiday feasts, I will thank the Lord for His greatest gift – this moment.

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