Where is Ausfahrt, Germany?

by Mark on October 22, 2010

An American colleague shared this story.

“I picked up a rental car at the Stuttgart Airport and jumped on the autobahn toward my hotel in Muhlhausen. It was supposed to be a half hour. Rather than Muhlhausen, the traffic signs indicated I was passing Ausfahrt. It was dark and I kept heading southeast. Pretty soon there are signs for Ulm, but also this Ausfahrt. Never heard of this place, but it must be the size of New York. 80 kilometers out of Munich, I pulled into a service area. A friendly attendant laughed until tears dripped down his mustache. With better directions and pure embarrassment, I arrived in Muhlhausen a couple hours later than planned.”

Ausfahrt means exit in the German language. Today one can ‘Google’ map there way around this with a GPS. When traveling in Germany it is good to know a few key terms.

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Jo October 24, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Good one, Mark!

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