Profiling Canadians

by Mark on April 27, 2010

Like Arizona, we live along an international border. Unlike Mexico, Canadian neighbors are happy with their county. Our border to the North is porous. Lakes and forests form the boundaries. What would happen if Canadians became unhappy with their country? That is a stretch given the strength of their economy, the zero cost of health care, and their pride of Canada’s beauty. Assuming it all changed, and hundreds of thousands rowed across the lakes or trekked through the woods. How would we spot these illegal immigrants?

Maybe they will be identified by the Paul Bunyan-like Root wardrobes. Unfortunately, many locals covet the same clothing. Canadians tend to drink Molson Beer and are hockey enthusiasts, just like thousands of New Yorkers. The male Canadian’s three-day beard is the latest style on American television. They speak English with an ‘eh’ from Ontario and a French accent from Quebec. What if they didn’t speak? (Hard to imagine, but this is a ‘what if.’)

Let’s face it, if hundreds of thousands of Canadians illegally crossed into the United States, we could not easily identify them. With their new law, how will Arizona identify their illegal immigrants?

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JL April 27, 2010 at 6:39 pm


I have many Mexican friends and customers living in So-Cal and I love many of them! Most are hard-working, sincere folks trying to get ahead.

I think AZ wants the right to ask someone’s status if they are stopped for an offense. Show your green card or be arrested sounds harsh – is there an answer? Over a half million illegals in AZ and I would think CA has at least that many. (Maybe just in LA)

AZ wants attention from the Feds and they’ll probably get it.


Mark April 27, 2010 at 8:06 pm

I agree completely. My blog is ‘tongue & cheek. In Europe I do not have to carry my passport around Paris or anywhere except arrival or departure. If arrested, I need to eventually produce it. Same should be in AZ.

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