Snowfall Derby V – Finish Line

by Mark on April 18, 2010

While out and about on Saturday, I noticed a few snowflakes swirling in some frosty air. No accumulation. Rain followed. I sighed. The Snowfall Derby season is over.

There has been no snow for over a month. A thaw began in early March. Something rare around here – Spring – actually sprung. The final standings: Syracuse is the victor with 106.1”. Rochester is second with 89.6”, a foot below average. Most improved is a tie between Philadelphia and Baltimore at 79.9”. Buffalo with 74.1” barely scraped ahead of last place Washington D.C. at 55.9”

Analysts blame El Nino for sending the storms to the south of Upstate New York into the Mid Atlantic. I am still wondering if the earthquake in Chile shook our latitude. It was odd to enjoy a real spring. The Easter Egg hunt was outside in sunshine rather than indoors during a blizzard. Rochester golfers were actually out on the links rather than home before a fireplace watching the Masters Tournament. The annual Rochester Lilac Festival, normally a May event, already sees flowers blooming on bushes and trees. Heating costs are down. Sunscreen sales are up.

I stare up at the new snow shovel that I purchased before the season. With few scratches the shiny blade is ready for some action. Sorry, my friend. We have six months of sunshine and outdoor play before the Snowfall Derby resumes. I might use you to move some mulch!

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