Snowfall Derby – Part 2 – Southern Competition

by Mark on February 11, 2010

Rochester finally surpassed Buffalo by almost an inch of snow.   A Canadian storm missed them and nicked us.   Unfortunately, it piled a half foot on Syracuse enabling our eastern neighbor to lead the snowfall derby by a foot.  Current score: Syracuse 75.9”; Rochester 63.8”; and Buffalo 63.1”.  The home team is improving with at least six frigid weeks to go.   I am not seeing many smiles or hearing any cheers.

Maybe it’s due to the recent tropical-like atmosphere where it barely snowed 15.9” inches during the last month.   No one appreciates a low-scoring game.  I suspect there is more to it than the score.   The Snow Kingdom of the East is losing its mojo.    On Sunday too much snow collapsed a hangar roof and destroyed the corporate jet of Rochester’s own Eastman Kodak.   Problem was this happened in Washington DC.   The Mid Atlantic is taking over the snowfall derby!   A second brutal storm in a week is burying the sunshine cities, like Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington.     Baltimore is reporting YTD snowfall of 79.9”; Philadelphia – 71.6”; and Washington DC – 54.9”.   These are five to ten times their normal totals.  Talk about offensive weaponry!

Schools are closed.   Government shut downs are costing taxpayers $100M per day.    Getting it off the streets and sidewalks is a nightmare.  Even President Obama called it ‘Snowmageddon.’  You have to admire that type of hype.   Upstate New York is way too modest about its accomplishments.

Our area has yet to close a local school.   The local snow removal costs including salt and labor are under budget.   We probably enjoy more sunny skies than ever before. There are fewer pot holes and fender benders.  Talk about global warming!     Besides, in a few weeks it will be bird-chirping spring in our Nation’s capital.    Snow will still be falling on Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.  Early winners are late losers.

This new Mid Atlantic competition may be a wake-up call for us.    It is clear we need to think beyond counting snow inches.    Somewhere among our lakes, wineries, mountains, museums, historic sites, music halls, art centers and overall high quality of life there is a better value proposition for this area.   We just need to dig out and find it.

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